College jokes can make anyone laugh, even those who aren’t students. These funny, dirty sayings are based on real-life events. While some may be crude or offensive, most are relatable and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Here are some examples: A Michigan State fan asks for fries from another student during a power outage. University of Minnesota alums are always in the dark because they’re afraid of the Alabama Power. Baylor University fans won’t let their children play in the sandbox because they’re afraid of their cat.

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One day, an English professor lectured his class on the benefits of studying. The class was reducing to snickering and laughter, as the fraternity brother tried to hold a keg stand. The professor then asked his class if any of them were dumb enough to believe that this was a joke. Many students were mortified, but still enjoyed the humor. Here are just a few college jokes that made everyone laugh:

“Five friends went on a picnic with their friends.” That was one of the dirty college jokes I can recall. The five were so drunk that they slept the whole day and did not get back to college until early the next day. They then explained their lateness to the professor and were excused from taking their final. It was a memorable day. The five friends were now free to enjoy life. They’re no longer worried about missing their finals.

“Five buddies” is another college joke. These two jokes are similar to the above-mentioned college stories, but they’re completely different. These college jokes focus on the naughty behavior of their fellow classmates. The five friends went for a picnic or party and slept all day on Sunday. They didn’t get back to college until the early morning of Monday. They explained to the professor that they’d missed their final because they’d been so drunk.

A popular college joke involves a fraternity brother who failed a final exam. This joke makes fun of the fraternity brother’s lack of academic interest. The teacher also tells the class that he’s an idiot and the students should stop laughing. It’s embarrassing for everyone. And, the professor’s final examination is the best way to test his knowledge. Moreover, you’ll get to learn a lot of new things from this funny story.

The first college joke that everyone knows is a dirty football joke. It’s a common type of college joke about football. These jokes make fun of jocks and football players who have no interest in academics. The teacher has to ask them to explain why they missed the final. During the exam, they had a keg stand, and the professor was disgusted by it. The other two jokes are also about the school.