There are many examples of successful people who didn’t go to college. Entrepreneur Jimmy Williams founded Twitter after dropping out of high school. He studied art and then faked an MIT ID to attend classes. He is now worth $45.2 billion. The founder of Tumblr, S. Daniel Abraham, never completed his education. He had dyslexia as a teenager and was forced to drop out of college.

successful people who didnt go to college

Apple founder Steve Jobs, who dropped out of college after 6 months, is another example of someone who didn’t go to college. He worked for a company in Boston and later founded Apple after finishing his degree. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who has a net worth of over $14 billion, didn’t even finish his first semester at Harvard. In addition, the Nigerian businessman Olusola, who started his own clothing line, did not attend college at all.

Some of the most successful people who didn’t go to college for the right reasons. Some of these individuals were homeschooled or did not get any formal education at all. The late Steve Jobs – who co-founded Apple Inc. – didn’t even attend college. He was a self-made billionaire. Other examples of successful people who didn’t go to school include: Craig McCaw (founder of McCaw Cellular), and Steve Wozniak, who is a computer geek. These people have gone to college, but still made huge careers for themselves.

Steve Jobs, the late billionaire co-founder of Apple Inc., did not attend college. He dropped out after 6 months, despite his lack of formal education. The founder of the internet company Facebook and the CEO of Google, Travis Kalanick, didn’t even finish college, and left his job to start his own business. He was expelled from the University of Colorado Boulder for hacking. He left after just a semester, and now has a net worth of over $100 million.

Others did not attend college. Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, dropped out of school and joined the railroad after graduating. He is a billionaire today. These individuals are not all from the same school. Nonetheless, they all had very successful careers and are examples of those who didn’t go to college. They are not all the same, and it is worth taking some time to compare and contrast their background.

Some of the most well-known people who did not attend college included Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple Inc. He dropped out of college after only six months. He went on to become a billionaire. Some of these famous people did not even attend college. In fact, they did not even complete their degree, and some of them are still very successful today. You can read about them by reading the following.